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Pavstar Pty Ltd was incorporated in Queensland, Australia ACN 55 010 754 355. If you have any questions about our Gold Mining and Carbon Sequatration project, contact us.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Pavstar's freehold land so important?

In the Mining Industry when miners wish to apply for a mining lease or ML, they have usually been through an explorative process with permits, EPM’s. When a Mining Lease is applied for, a primary requirement is to have the permission and authority of the Landholder. This is called a Compensation Agreement. Pavstar does not require any such permission as it is the Landholder, which is a significant advantage.

How long has Pavstar been in the Mining Industry ?

Pavstar Pty Ltd was incorporated in Queensland Australia in 1987.

Where is the Pavstar land ?

Pavstar Pty Ltd owns freehold title to 40 acres of land on the Nukinenda Dyke on which the Nukindena Creek flows.

What is a JORC Code Report ?

The JORC Code is only a set of reporting guidelines for public reporting.
It is not a compliance, measuring or regulatory system.
It is not a guarantee of a resource, or reserves estimate, or of reported exploration results.
Reports on Reserves, Resources, and Exploration Results are prepared by (or based on documentation prepared by) a Competent Person and are based on, and rely on their experience and competence as defined in the JORC Code 2012.

What are EPM;'s ?

EPM Permits or licences provide an exclusive right to explore for minerals within the area specified in a mining application. Exploration is a range of activities to help determine if there are minerals under the ground. If the exploration process identifies minerals that can be commercially extracted, then mining in the future may be possible. Exploration for minerals can involve; mapping, surveying the ground from the surface or air.

Whatare Pavstar's future plans ?

Pavstar Pty Ltd has taken on new management to assist the Founder to expand the opportunities on the freehold land owned by the company as well as to create new 21st century business opportunities. Pavstar’s Directors are developing opportunities with local farmers to “mine carbon” sequestered from plantations of special trees introduced by Pavstar to create Carbon Credits for sale.

Pavstar is expanding its explotative mining rights while commercializing the Gold and other minersals mentioned in the company’s JORC Code Report on its own freehold land.


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Pavstar is expanding its mining and mineral exploration to include a CO2 carbon sequatration business in 2022. We are seeking new investment capital to provide updates to our current JORC Code Report, acquire new capital equipment and expand our mineral exploratory endeavors surrounding the company’s freehold land on the Nukinenda Dyke.


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