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Pavstar Mining

PavStar Pty Ltd was incorporated in 1987 and has mined Australian Gold and minerals, mostly in Queensland since then. Come see what we do and how you can protect your future with Gold in these uncertain times.

34 Years Mining Experience

The company has owned Freehold land on the Nukendina Dyke for years with mining and other rights. The land has a JORC Code compatible report detailing the existiance of  Gold and other rare minerals.

Our Gold Assets

The company has mining and explorative applications for rights covering an area of 25 square kilometres .

Our Permits

 With the company’s freehold land comes mining rights and applied expanded explorative rights.


JORC Reports

JORC Code Reports are valuations on in-ground mineral assets. A JORC Report is available.

Valued Assets

The value of this asset is in the Freehold land and the JORCed value of in-ground Gold and minerals.

Gold has been mined manually on the Nukinenda Dyke region for over one hundred years, and a small 30 feet mine still exists. The company intends to small scale mine the property and add value with environmentally friendly Carbon Sequatration projects commencing 2022.

Our plan for mining the Nukinenda Dyke is to operate a “small scale” mining operation large enough to create significant monthly cash flow, yet small enough to be manageable and not to drain on the environment or resources from the company’s contiued exploration.


Pavstar Pty Ltd incorporated in Queensland 1987


Australian Company Number ACN 55 010 754 355


Acquired Acrage on the Nukinenda Dyke


Commissioned a JORC Code Report


Conducted Core and Other Exploration Sampling


Applied to Mines Department for EPMs

We believe that in line with the JORC Report on the Nukinenda Dyke, that by processing the Gold and Arsenic, that we can enjoy strong monthly income which we can tune to the preservation of the local environment.


Our Long Term Plans

The company has taken time in 2021 to expand its explorative capabilities and permits. The Freehold land has mining rights and is 2 hours drive from Brisbane, in South East Queensland Australia. The surveyed mineral assets (Gold) lay across the Nukinenda Dyke and significant costs were incurred to develop a JORC Code Report detailing the geology of the area. Such a Jorc Report is designed to evaluate the potential yield of the mine through core samples and other scientific means. The JORC Report is our road map and provides estimates and other projections and models that we are basing our returns upon per tonne of material processed.

The Nukendina Gold Mine & Dyke

The JORC Code compliant report estimates over AUD$100 million of gold projected against the test area of the JORC and the core sampling taken. Additional EPM’s (Exploration Permit Minerals) will expand the gold mining opportunity to an estimated USD500 million. Some of our Pavstar project highlights are:-


Freehold Land.


JORC Code Reports.


Mining Rights.


Explorative Permits.

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Pavstar has embarked on expanding the value of its freehold land and its mining and explorative rights. The projects JORC Code compliant report is constantly being reviewed and updated in line with the geological findings on site. The company and its new partners Hop2it Australasia are commencing “carbon mining” from the property with the introduction of a specific plantation for the sequatration of CO2 and sale of Australian certified Carbon Credits commencing in 2022. We are seeking new capital investment to enhance the project and to drive it to significant revenue and EBITDA asset value.

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