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Pavstar Pty Ltd is an Australian company incorporated in the State of Queensland in 1987, with a longstanding Australian Business Number, ABN 55 010 754 355.

The company holds a Freehold Title over acreage on the Nukinenda Dyke, two hours north west of the States capital Brisbane. The Nukinenda Creek flows on the land which the company has Mining Rights upon. In addition the company has explotation permit applications on an additional 25 square kilometres around the company’s land.

The company was recently acquired by Hop2it Australasia an investment holding company that will be adding significant value to the Pavstar asset through 2022.


Pavstar Pty Ltd ABN 55 010 754 355


Incorporated in Queensland Australia 1987


Acquired Freehold Land and Mining Rights


Expanded Exploratory Permit Applications


New Managerment & Capital


Introduce CO2 Carbon Sequatration Business

Nukinenda Dyke Gold Reserves

Our Board of Directors

Bert Stahr founded the company on 1987 and maintained the business for 34 years. Pavstar acquired acrage on its title and has undertaken exploration and gold mining for that time. Bert expanded the company with the introduction of new management and investment and has remained on trhe Board.”

Albert Ludwic Stahr

Gregory Hannan hales from the mining company Hop2it Australasia which in 2021 acquired Pavstar and its assets. Gregory has worked closely with its Founder Bert Stahr to consolidate assets and expand explorative geology work. Pavstar will be expanded into carbon mining with CO2 carbon sequatration technology being introduced in 2022.”

Gregory P.E. Hannan


Pavstar Nukinenda Gold mining project

The company has preserved the asset value of its freehold land and in-ground gold assets for 34 years. Over the years, drill holes have reveiled geology which is the basis of a JORC Code compliant report. In 2021 Pavstar Pty Ltd has been acquired by the Hop2it Australasia and the founder will remain on the Board to work with new management and maintain the founded intregity of the Nukinenda Gold Project which he and his colleagues commenced 34 years ago.


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